The Positivitree


This is The Positivitree.

4 years ago our friend & Jack’s childminder Dawn, along with some friends at the playgroup put it together instead of the usual ‘get well soon’ card for Jack.

On the New Year’s Eve of that year we spent a full and stressful day at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and due to a sequence of errors the MRI scan that was supposed to tell us how Jack’s treatment was going was cancelled. I remember feeling so flat and fed up.

A couple of weeks prior Lee and I had been talking about the painting and what it meant. We decided to call it ‘The Positivitree’ because applying a mindset of hope & growth, using some basic skills in self care, had helped us as a family to cope with the challenges the previous few months had brought to our door. A lot of friends and family commented on this ‘positivity’ and we felt the painting put together by Jack’s pre-school friends, really represented that.

A tree starts by a seed being planted in fertile ground.  Trees need food to grow. Trees make their own food from sunlight, water, carbon dioxide and nutrients from the soil. Trees don’t grow beyond their ability to support themselves. During periods of stress they shed leaves, flowers, fruit and branches.

The similarities between the life of a tree and how we as humans grow really connects with me.

On this day 4 years ago I put it ‘out there’ that I would be planting the seeds of my Positivitree for the following year and wishing growth, happiness, health and wealth to all. I’ve done this every year since, today is a bit different though.

Today the seed that was first planted 4 years ago is about to break through the ground for the first time, a little green shoot has appeared and the idea, the story of The Positivitree is close to manifesting in to something much bigger than a social media post can achieve.

Thanks to the conditions being right, the soil being fertile, the roots now being 4 years old and deep in the ground. We are ready to bring the philosophy of The Positivitree to life.

Tomorrow we will submit  some paperwork that will incorporate the idea in to a real life social enterprise. This next year is going to be all about growth.

The Positivitree as a social enterprise,  is a mental wellbeing business which will help the families & friends of children who have been diagnosed with life limiting or life-threatening illnesses.

We are going to do this by empowering parents, carers and children with a ‘self-care tool-kit’ that will enable them to flourish and grow together through their challenging journey.  This will come in the form of group workshops, online content, guided meditations, one to one work with specialist practitioners in holistic therapies and some old fashioned connection with other people who know exactly what you are experiencing.

We are hosting our first groups in Manchester and Liverpool at the end of January and welcome anyone who lives local to these cities (and has a child with any long term health condition) to get in touch.

Thanks to help from a special friend I made this year we have a website up and running, you can contact us through or by emailing to register your interest in participating.  The social media sites will all be live in the coming days.

“Like branches of a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one”.

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I'm a 34 year old Mum of two from Liverpool. My son Jack was diagnosed & successfully treated for a rare blood cancer called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in 2014. He has recently relapsed so I have decided to share the journey. My reason for being so open this time round is three fold; I want to raise awareness of childhood cancer, I want to reach those parents & families who are just getting a diagnosis & (selfishly) I find writing therapeutic and feel that sharing the story will help me get my own head around things.

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